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Selda Bagcan & Boom Pam

Known as ‘the bitter sound of the Turkish people’, SELDA is a folk music singer, composer and political activist. She started her career in the 70s, with her first two singles about political struggle and the demands of the working class, selling over 1 million copies. Her psychedelic reinterpretation of traditional Turkish folk songs as well as her own criticizing protest compositions have lost SELDA her passport and caused her to be repeatedly imprisoned during the 70’s and 80’s.


Hailing from the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, Boom Pam inspiration in the psychedelic Middle Eastern sounds of the revolutionary 1970s Turkish singer and songwriter Selda Bağcan. Influenced by Selda’s unique and powerful music and politically fueled lyrics, Boom Pam sought out their mentor, boarding a plane to Turkey for a collaboration of extraordinary proportions. The common middle eastern roots between SELDA and BOOM PAM was the seed that allowed for an exceptional musical relationship to flourish. The generational gap between the young quartet and the turkish legend was bridged out their natural and instant connection through the power of music.


Formed in 2003, BOOM PAM’s sound combines a mixture of Mediterranean rock and surf music utilizing electric guitar, keys, tuba, and drums. Their dream of performing and collaborating with SELDA was actualized at the 2014 Groove Festival in Israel. The Turkish success SELDA rose to prominence in the 1970’s for her outspoken political lyrics, resulting in her incarceration. Her imprisonment inspired the counterculture movement in Turkey during the 1970’s, gaining her the title of a true revolutionary.

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