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Described as the “psychedelic space funk architect”, Kutiman’s music and video collages have been the focus of fan and media attention, gaining millions of views for over a decade. Time Magazine named his "Thru You" project one of the “Best Inventions of 2009” and Pitchfork hailed him as “a psyched out groove monster”.
Besides pioneering a new hybrid of visual and audio language, Kutiman has been releasing a handful of eclectic albums and singles on his own musical imprint, Siyal Music.

The Kutiman Orchestra is Kutiman's live outlet where his
creations and visions come to realization on stage arriving at an inevitable climax.

Compared with his prolific online status, it is safe to say only a fracture of Kutiman’s fan base had the pleasure of watching his music performed live on stage. The reason? Well, the man is just too damn busy travelling, filming, recording but also because the orchestra is made of
the top talents of Tel Aviv’s vibrant music scene, and it’s difficult to (literally) align all the stars together.
Committed to make these live events more frequent and accessible in the realms outside of their hometown, the orchestra is lining up dates to what seems to be a busy year.
They are raw, forward thinking, with playful globe trotting influences and the loose melodic approach of the cosmic forefathers of jazz.
The Kutiman Orchestra delivers some of the most infectious, unforgettable live shows one is likely to witness in a lifetime.

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