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KARMA SHE is the performative identity of artist Carmel Michaeli, an oriental witch from Tel-Aviv that creates Psychedelic Hip-Pop. Her sound is an upbeat blend of Hip Hop and Pop mixed with exotic flavours. KARMA SHE exists within a mystical world constructed by elements from distant places and subcultures. Her inspiration comes from dancehall, punk attitude, ladyboy shows, ethnic dance styles, psychedelics, sport activities and symbols found in religion.


The project is a creative platform that involves other artists, musicians, dancers and athletes. Together they create choreographed pop performances that combine video, costumes, props and lighting. The result transcends every stage show into an epic sensual experience.


KARMA SHE has performed in Tel-Aviv, Paris, London, Basel and San francisco in both established and underground venues that range from museums, clubs, galleries and squats.


Carmel Michaeli is an Israeli artist and musician currently based in Tel-aviv. She is the singer, songwriter and producer of KARMA SHE music and co directs all her videos and performances. Born in 1986 in Jerusalem, she grew up in New York, London and Tel-Aviv.


News: A bunch of great things are coming together these days; I’m releasing a new EP,  a new music video and the most exciting news is that we are going on tour in China this October.

We have been invited by a very cool Chinese contemporary artist called Tianzhuo Chen. He’s part of a performance party crew called Asian Dope Boys.

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