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 Wherever the eight musicians from Tel Aviv appear, things get wild, cheeky and surprising. This is even more astonishing if you consider that they started out as members of Frankfurt Synagogue’s boys choir in the 1970s. This is where the singers, Dr. Boiko and Jossi Reich first met and became   lifelong friends.


Having both immigrated to Israel, three decades later, they formed their marvellously irreverent trio Jewish Monkeys, together with Gael Zaidner. The trombone, accordion, electric guitar, bass and percussion accompany them. The commotion they create with their politically incorrect texts and refined sense of nonsense is reminiscent of the Marx Brothers. 


The Jewish Monkeys constantly launch satirical attacks with their English-language Balkan-Klezmerstyle rock and uninhibited lyrics. Their sound is engaging, not shying away from issues such as the lust for oil, climate change, child abuse, violent fathers and the Middle East conflict. Good portions of their songs are in Yiddish – but beware: Yiddish is getting a serious facelift too!