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Tel Aviv-based band Boom Pam formed in 2003. They play a mixture of Mediterranean rock and surf music in the format of a unique quartet including: Electric Guitar, Tuba, Keyboard and Drums. Boom Pam regularly play in clubs, bars, live venues and music festivals around the world. Their live act was an immediate success and could be seen in various forms, ranging from concert halls to wild parties.


Initial highlights for the band included playing at the reunion show of legendary band Minimal Compact & Emir Kusturitza's "Non Smoking Orchestra" and showcasing at WOMEX 2006 (the World Music Expo) which launched their worldwide touring career.


Boom Pam's debut album was recorded in Frankfurt with the German label Essay Recordings. The band co-produced the album with DJ Shantel. The LP was released during the Spring of 2006 and was distributed throughout the World. The album went straight into the top ten list of the European World Music Charts.


Their second album, Puerto Rican Nights, was released in 2008 by Essay Recordings. In Israel, the band continued to be involved in numerous artistic collaborations, such as working with the Batsheva Dance Ensemble, releasing several Israeli hit singles, recording music for films and collaborating with New York based Israeli band, Balkan Beat Box. Their debut show in North America was at the globalFEST 2007, held in NYC. Following this they toured throughout the US and Canada, giving a warm-up performance as the opening act for The Ventures in California, performing at The Winnipeg Folk Festival and at the Montreal Jazz Festival.


In mid 2010, Boom Pam released their third album, Alakazam, with Tel Aviv based label Audio Montage, which was followed by an appearance at SXSW and three European tours.


Boom Pam have been playing together for 10 years and have been touring extensively around the globe (in Europe, America, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Japan). They continue to blend the sounds of magical surf guitar chords with Tuba vibrations and heavy Drum beats on an ecstatic Mediterranean trip.


The year 2014 was a very exciting year for Boom Pam. The band began their exclusive collaboration with legendary Turkish artist Selda Bağcan. They visited Istanbul for a series of magical rehearsals, which eventually led to a unique show in front of 10,000 people at the Groove Festival. In addition, Boom Pam played at the Boiler Room in Tel Aviv, and toured in Japan, which included an epic performance at Fuji-Rock Festival and performances in several other cities around Japan. In 2014 the band also released their fourth album, Manara and Summer Singles.

Last summer, Boom Pam performed with Selda on the main stage at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Today they continue to tour around the world with Selda, and are forever creating interesting collaborations with various musicians in Israel and abroad. The band recently released a single with the successful Israeli Hip Hop artist, Nechi Nech.

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