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MEM Artists, founded in 2012 by Dan Basman, is a boutique music management, promotion, and booking agency, based in Tel Aviv. We represent artists from a wide range of genres including jazz, soul, funk, world, surf rock, and many more. Our roster of artists deliver innovative sounds with unique local elements.

Alongside this, we produce cultural events and music festivals throughout the year.


SOUNDPORTS is an urban arts festival that takes place in Tel Aviv and Istanbul once a year during the Spring. The festival includes performances and musical collaborations between Turkish and Israeli artists, parties, DJ sets and exhibitions.  

SIT & LISTEN is a series of unique collaborations between various leading artists in the local music scene. It takes place in the Einav Culture Centre in Tel Aviv, over a few weeks during the months of April and May. These concerts represent the varied nature of Tel Aviv, giving an opportunity to combine traditional and modern sounds in one of the more significant cultural locations in the city.

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